Jon Land is a man of many talents, resources and opportunities.  He has extensive experience interviewing with media professionals including news, blogs, television and radio.

Jon is a bestselling author who has written over 25 novels. Jon has written several screenplays and is a proficient speaker on topics such as; writing your novel, suspense thriller genre, International Thriller Writers Organization, marketing, screen writing and producing.

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Jon Land is the bestselling author over 25 novels. He graduated from Brown University in 1979 Phi Beta Kappa and Magna cum Laude and continues his association with Brown as an alumni advisor.

Jon often bases his novels and scripts on extensive travel and research as well as a twenty-five year career in martial arts.  He is an associate member of the US Special Forces and frequently volunteers in schools to help young people learn to enjoy the process of writing.

Jon is the Vice-President of marketing of the International Thriller Writers (ITW) and is often asked to speak on topics regarding writing and research.

In addition to writing suspense/thrillers John is also a screenwriter with his first film credit coming in 2005.

Jon works with many industry professionals and has garnered the respect and friendship of many author-colleagues.  He loves storytelling in all its forms.

New and Forthcoming Hardbacks

June 2011


Strong at the Break Amazon


Strong at the Break

(Caitlin Strong, book 3)

New and Forthcoming Paperbacks

May 2011


Strong Justice Amazon


Strong Justice

(Caitlin Strong, book 2)



Hope Mountain Amazon


Hope Mountain


Blaine McCracken

1. The Omega Command (1986)

2. The Alpha Deception (1987)

3. The Gamma Option (1989)

4. The Omicron Legion (1991)

5. The Vengeance of the Tau (1993)

6. Day of the Delphi (1993)

7. The Kingdom of Seven (1994)

8. The Fires of Midnight (1995)

9. Dead Simple (1998)

The Omega CommandThe Alpha DeceptionThe Gamma OptionThe Omicron Legion

The Vengeance of the TauDay of the DelphiThe Kingdom of SevenThe Fires of Midnight

Dead Simple

Ben Kamal

1. The Walls of Jericho (1997)

2. The Pillars of Solomon (1999)

3. A Walk In The Darkness (2000)

4. Keepers of the Gate (2001)

5. Blood Diamonds (2002)

6. The Blue Widows (2003)

7. The Last Prophecy (2004)

The Walls of JerichoThe Pillars of SolomonA Walk In The DarknessKeepers of the Gate

Blood DiamondsThe Blue WidowsThe Last Prophecy

Caitlin Strong

1. Strong Enough to Die (2009)

2. Strong Justice (2010)

3. Strong at the Break (2011)

Strong Enough to DieStrong JusticeStrong at the Break


The Doomsday Spiral (1983)

The Lucifer Directive (1984)

Vortex (1984)

Labyrinth (1985)

The Council of Ten (1987)

The Eighth Trumpet (1989)

The Valhalla Testament (1990)

The Ninth Dominion (1992)

Hope Mountain (1998)

Dolphin Key (1999)

The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending (2008)

The Lucifer DirectiveVortexLabyrinthThe Council of Ten

The Eighth TrumpetThe Valhalla TestamentThe Ninth DominionHope Mountain

Dolphin KeyThe Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending

Series contributed to

Harold Middleton (with Linda Barnes, Brett Battles, Lee Child, David Corbett, Jeffery Deaver, Joseph Finder, Jim Fusilli, John Gilstrap, David Hewson, David Liss, Gayle Lynds, P J Parrish, James Phelan, Lisa Scottoline and Jenny Siler)

2. The Copper Bracelet (2010)

The Copper Bracelet

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